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 Hey guys, Abby and Katelyn here! Welcome to Geekly Chic 4-life! If you want to see al little bit of everything in fashion, you are in the right place, because fashion is our specialty! Thanks for coming on to our website! Feel free to go onto any page you want. This website contains fashion tips, blogs, photos, and so much more! Read below for what our website is about if you are new and get some sneak peeks of how it works! 




 Geekly Chic


 Geekly chic 4-life is all about fashion. Whether you are a geek or chic, this is the perfect website for every girl out there. Everyone has a sense of fashion. (and I mean EVERYONE) Some may have a sense of denim and others may have a sense of flowy and flirtatiousness. This website can provide you every single one of them. No matter if its just a simple t-shirt and shorts or a beautiful prom dress, we have it all!  






Sneak Peeks 



 This website is an amazing place for fashion and we have some sneak peeks on it. What we do is we sometimes is we come up with a fashion idea and sketch it out on a piece of paper. Then with the picture, we look through our original clothes and try to make them into what the design is supposed to look like. Finally, the design has come to life. After that, we go on to Google and search for an image similar to the outfit. Shout out to all those fantastic people who posted those pictures and a big thank you too! Finally, we upload the photo to the website. For the videos, what we do is we browse YouTube for some videos that we recommend for what is in style and how to wear the look. After that, we search for the video on our website. Finally when we have found it, we upload it to the website and our work is done! If you ever want to make a website and you need some help, use these steps and you will be on the right track! 





If you would like to see more, tour our whole website and find some more about fashion! Don't forget to sign up and register to become a member of Geekly Chic!  




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